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Please read prior to applying!

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Welcome fellow bridal makeup artists and hair stylists! As you know we are hiring...and looking to add specialists to our team immediately! We are looking for makeup artists and hair stylists that like working with a close knit team and have impeccable bridal skills, client communication, and speed (much needed to keep on schedule on weddings). In addition you MUST own a reliable car, have proven work, have most weekends Fri.-Sun. available, (so if you have a commitment in a salon or retail that might not work). We also do trials on some weekdays so some flexibility is good! Jobs are considered freelance and you will not be guaranteed any amount of work but if you are the right fit it will be steady. If you do hair you MUST be licensed! No exceptions! The amount of jobs we ask you to do will depend on your performance...and the better you are, the more work you will get, and the more money you will make! We do book over 200 weddings per year so this is an opportunity you don't want to miss! PA / and in office jobs are available as well. 

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