We are so excited to work with everyone and start your day beautifully!

Hello to all of our bridal party participants who are joining in the fun of getting beautified alongside the bride! Below you will find instructions on how to make the morning run as seamlessly as possible for everyone. We find that it is very helpful for our bridal parties to be informed and have a general idea of how to be as prepared as possible! Please feel free to email us with any questions!

Thanks and Love Crush Beauty will see you very soon!

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Covid-19 Guidelines And Safety Measures

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Instructions For Hair, Makeup

Covid-19 Guidelines and More!


  • Please have clean, product free hair. Oily hair is not preferred and can weigh styles down.

  • Hair must be 100% dry (especially at the roots) a $25 fee will apply if we have to dry it for you and in addition your hair will not hold as well, and that will also cause the schedule to go off track. If you are washing your hair the night before please blow dry (and just when you think it's dry...dry some more :) and do not put it up in a top bun or ponytail to air dry...it will hold the dampness and will not be dry enough for us to work with.

  • If you have curly hair and you are NOT using your natural curls, please blow out your hair as straight as possible. If you have not blown it out straight and you are not using your natural curls, there will be an additional fee for us to straighten it and the schedule will run off track. 

  • Please have 1-2 inspiration pix! When choosing your inspiration pix for hair, please try to find an example with a similar color, length and thickness.

  • It is best to wear something that does not have a collar, high neck or hood, and that can easily be taken off. Button downs, robes, or tank tops that can be slid down are best!

  • If you are using hair extensions, there will be an addition fee for us to install. You must let us know in advance as we need to give you more time on the schedule. If you are doing all up or half up with extensions, please do not install them yourself as there will still be a fee. Your hair stylist will need to remove them, and reinstall them to do proper placement as hair extensions are placed differently for updo's. If you are doing all down, you can install them yourself without the additional fee. 

  • Extension fee is $25 for up to 4 pieces, and $40 for 5 pieces and up. 

  • Weather Condition Factors: Hair that is exposed to rain, mist, or snowfall will inevitably become wet! Our styling products can protect against humidity, and have long lasting hold, however in inclement weather, our clients are expected to maintain the integrity of their hairstyle with a protective covering if needed because they are out in inclement weather elements.

  • The Brides Turn:   When it is the brides turn in the hair chair we ask that her friends and family let her have her glam-time without distractions. This will be the time where everything is feeling "real" and we do not want our bride to get overwhelmed. So please ask her any questions, iron out the details of the wedding day, etc...prior to her turn. We reserve the right to keep her space and ours clear and relaxing :)


  • Please have a clean, makeup free fresh face!

  • Please do not use and moisturizers or serums within 24 hours prior to having your makeup application done unless they are 100% oil free or the makeup will not adhere properly to your skin as well. It will separate and travel. If there is moisturizer containing oil on or around the eye area false lashes may not adhere, and/or eye makeup will travel to under the eye.

  • Please let us know if you have any allergies to makeup and it's ingredients, or if you are allergic to latex. Duo glue (the classic lash glue that's been around forever) is latex based. We carry latex free glue as an option, however, if you are severely allergic to latex we will require that you bring your own lash glue and lashes. 

  • Strip lashes are included in our packages. If you want individual lashes there will be a fee of $15. To have individual lashes applied we will need to add 10 minutes to your makeup application time in the chair so you must let us know in advance if you are doing them. *These are not to be confused with lash extensions. Lash extensions are something done out of a salon or lash bar and take up to 2 hours. We do not do lash extensions, but if you are getting them prior to the wedding day we are 100% fine working around them!

  • The Brides Turn:   When it is the brides turn in the makeup chair we ask that her friends and family let her have her glam-time without distractions. This will be the time where everything is feeling "real" and we do not want our bride to get overwhelmed. So please ask her any questions, iron out the details of the wedding day, etc...prior to her turn. We reserve the right to keep her space and ours clear and relaxing :)

  • Lastly, please do not use your cell phone while in the makeup artists chair unless there's an emergency...it makes it very difficult for your MUA to work in an even flow if she has to redirect a client in between their cell phone use (who wants uneven eyeliner right!?). Thanks in advance :)

  • Upon our arrival we collect payment from the bride prior to beginning anyones services. Our bride has been informed of this as well...so as part of her bridal party (or if you are the MOH) you may want to help her put the envelope together/collect funds prior to our arrival if the bridal party is paying for their own services. We do not collect from each participant individually because that can eat up a ton of time (participants may have to run to their room, get change, go to an ATM, can be short money...so many things can create many hold ups). It is also easier at the end of the schedule we do not have to inconvenience the bride or bridal party when they are  with the photographer or getting dressed.

  • Please arrive or be ready for your time slot on the schedule 5 minutes prior. Please use the bathroom before hand if needed, brush teeth prior if needed (if you do it after it can damage the makeup) and lastly you can eat and drink after your makeup is complete :) but just not during the application process...so if you are hungry or having a mimosa please have it before!

  • We recommend that you bring your own lip color so that we can apply it for you, and you can touch up during the day with the same shade. If you do not have lip color that's ok too...we have something for you in our kits! 

  • If at anytime if there is something you need adjusted or tweaked please go to the team member you had your service done with. We are all very warm and accommodating and want everyone to feel 100% comfortable to come to us! And of course we want everyone to look and feel their very best and have the most happiest start to such a wonderful day!

  • Gratuity: Tips are left to the discretion of each participant and are not included in the cost of each service. It is not a requirement but is always greatly appreciated by our team if you feel they have provided an outstanding service. Thanks in advance!


Exposure to COVID-19 exists in public and private facilities where people are present, or have been present. This virus is highly contagious and could lead to illness or death with or without immediate medical treatment. As per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Senior citizens and people with underlying conditions are extremely vulnerable. As a client of Express Studios (DBA Love Crush Beauty), you voluntarily assume complete responsibility with any and all risks related to COVID-19 and hold Express Studios (DBA Love Crush Beauty) and team members harmless. 


Even though we are taking extreme precautionary measures to sanitize our kits, and surface areas between each client, the virus can still be transmitted so we require that you (the client) follow all of our guidelines, as well as the state and local guidelines to lower the risk of transmission, though the risk will never be eliminated. 


OUR  PRIVATE BUSINESS GUIDELINES: If a participant has been exposed to Covid-19 within the last 14 days, or is experiencing any symptoms of illness such as fever, or a runny nose or cough (including what may be considered seasonal allergies) we reserve the right to decline services and your hair and/or makeup fee's will not be refunded. If you are ill or experiencing visible allergies, please cancel your reserved appointment time prior to the day of the event. We are not medical doctors and cannot tell the difference between your allergies and the common cold or Covid-19. We want everyone to feel safe and stay safe during their hair and makeup appointments, and in addition these are mandates for the beauty industry from our local and state officials and licensing dept.